Camp Auroville 2014

Camp Auroville  2014

Camp Auroville program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in human unity & sustainable living as a platform for the learning and personal growth of students from around the world. The program is based on the H3 approach that nurtures the hands (skills), head (competencies) and heart (inner capacities) of all participants. The progam explored the practical application of ecological stewardship principles in order to promote enhanced human and planetary well-being. This program integrates hands-on learning in attempt to actualize participants’ inner strength, to activate critical system thinking and to work on students’ technical capacities of designing and implementing projects. Ten students in high school or new high school graduates from New Delhi and Chennai participated in this 9-day emersion program held from 20st June to 29th June 2014 at Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu, India

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Source: Auroville Consulting

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