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Auroville Green Practices Seminar 2013

In a 3-day program at Auroville more than 50 participants explored ways of realizing Eco-Productive Cities. Participants came from various professional backgrounds such as: urban planning, architecture, policy and consulting, agriculture etc. Presentations stimulated discussion and knowledge sharing among all participants. The workshops sessions at Eco-Productive cities were facilitated by senior experts in areas of urban ecology, urban planning, sanitation, sustainable water management, green architectures, urban agriculture and related areas.  

Auroville Green Practices brings together various stakeholders to envision future townships that offer a ecologically, socially and economically nurturing habitat.

Presentation made at 'Eco-Productive Cities’ can be downloaded from the program listing below.

Introduction : Toine Van Megen
Auroville, The World in Process, Aster Patel (pdf, 1Mb)
Bhavana Dee: The Early Years (pdf, 2Mb)
Session : FOREST
Ecological Restoration in Auroville, Glenn Baldwin (n/a)
Ecological Evergreen Landscapes, Paul Blanchflower (pdf, 5Mb)
Eco-Restoration; Adyar Creek Eco Park, Joss Brooks (pdf, 8Mb)
Session : WATER
Kaluvelly Basin, Gilles Boulicot (pdf, 2Mb)
Canyon Erosion Control, Kireet (pdf, 1Mb)
Harnessing Raindrops – Amaidhi, Shama Dalvi (pdf, 1Mb)
Aquaponics, Akash Heimlich (pdf, 1Mb)
Session : FOOD
Introduction by Jeff Goodchild
Organic Farming, Tomas Tomassen (pdf, 47Mb)
Food Systems, Gijs van Spoor (pdf, 0,5Mb)
Raw Food, Anandi Vaithialingam (pdf, 0,5Mb)
Holistic Food Systems, Marc Tormo (pdf, 1Mb)
Session : WASTE
Introduction by B Sullivan
Solid Waste Management, Lucas Dengel (pdf, 1Mb)
Decentralised Waste Water Systems, Tency Baetens (n/a)
Litter Free Auroville, Ribhu Vohra (pdf, 2Mb)
Session : OUTREACH
Introduction by Uma Haimavati
Ecological Sanitation (ecosan), Lucas Dengel (pdf, 1Mb)
EcoLife Store, Minhaj Ameen (pdf, 0,5Mb)
Women’s Empowerment By Local Livelihood, Danny Merguei (pdf, 3Mb)
Nadukkupam – Environmental Education Centre, Joss Brooks (pdf, 6Mb)
Session : ENERGY
Introduction by Ulrich Blass
Sustainable Energy Systems, Toine van Megen (pdf, 1Mb)
The Pursuit of Sustainable Energy, Alok Mallick (pdf, 2Mb)
Water Pumping Windmills, Robert Trunz (pdf, 2Mb)
Renting Light, Carsten Michelsen (pdf, 0,5Mb)
The HumVee, Akash Heimlich (pdf, 1Mb)
Session : HABITAT
Introduction to Auroville Building Techniques, Mona Doctor-Pingel (pdf, 6Mb)
Ecological Landscaping, Prashant Hedao (pdf, 4Mb)
Sustainable Human Habitat, Suhasini Ayer-Guigan (pdf, 2Mb)
Earthen Architecture in Auroville, Satprem Maini (pdf, 8Mb)
Closing Session : FUTURE
The Challenges of Planning in Auroville, Lalit Bhati (pdf, 3Mb)


Day 1:

Welcome and Introduction: Toine van Megen

Talk: The Urbanisation Challenge – Some Strategies for Restructuring, Regeneration and Growth toward Sustainable Cities by Ashok Lall  (pdf, 76 Mb)

Talk: Human habitats & their Biotic Systems by Lucas Dengel (pdf, 5.4 Mb)

Talk: Ecological Sanitation by Lucas Dengel (pdf, 4.7 Mb)

Talk: Grey-Water Reuse by Ralf Otterpohl (pdf, 18.7 Mb)

Talk: Biochar & Terra Preta by Deoyani Sarkhot (pdf, 1.3 Mb)


Day 2:

Talk: Eco-Prouctive Landuse and Urban Planning by Mohan Rao (pdf, 5.8 Mb)

Talk: Resource Management for Eco-Productive Towns by Mohan Rao (pdf, 8.6 Mb)

Talk: Urban Eco-Systems by Haripriya Gundimeda (pdf, 3.4 Mb)

Talk: Urban Gardening – Safe Food and Markets by Ananthoo (pdf, 3.5 Mb)


Day 3:

Talk: Urban Composting and Soil by Lucas Dengel (pdf, 3.3 Mb)

Talk: Urban Agriculture and Food Security by Martin Scherfler (pdf, 3.6 Mb)

Panel Discussion: How to make Cities more Sustainable? by Alan Herbert (pdf, 844 Kb)

Talk: Towards Eco-productive Urban Systems; Water, Wastewater, Soil & Energy by Ralf Otterpohl (pdf, 21.2 Mb)

Talk: Lifestyles, Policies and Business Practices for Exercise Eco-Productive Cities by Sudhir Chella Rajan (pdf, 16.1 Mb)

Talk: Eco-Productive Building Design by Chitra Vishwanath (pdf, 18.4 Mb)



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