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The research team at Auroville Renewable Energy and Auroville Center for Scientific Research (AuroRE/CSR), India, has embarked on several initiatives to provide their township with greener and m...
In the renewable energy field, the Aurovilians have been very active to implement different technologies, first in Auroville and nowadays, more and more outside. This unique experience, through its...
Solar photovoltaic systems and wind turbines are two of the most commonly know sources of renewable energy. Other renewable energy sources are bio mass, human and animal power and solar thermal sys...
An inventor, Alok joined AuroRE in 2005 and heads the R&D activity where he developed solar street lights, solar driers, a de-humidifier and a hybrid solar and fuel powered vehicle. He is currently...
GreenAcres campaign

Fundraising for expanding the Auroville Greenbelt.

Our eco-zone is under threat of rapid urbanization, this is an urgent move to reverse the trend and extend activities.

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