The Challenges of Planning in Auroville

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challenges_planningLalit Bhati town planner and former member of Auroville's planning and development group introduces into the challenges and experiments of planning in Auroville. What is remarkable about Auroville is, that it is most likely the only town in the world that started first with transforming the barren land into a lifable environment. This was done with the help of extensive afforestaion and water harvesting programs. In the early years of Auroville's development the organic aspect of planning was predominant. Today Auroville enters into a new stage of its development, a more concentrated development that eventually will create an urban environment. Planning is done for the society and it's values.  Aurovilles' values are based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It is an experimenting in many fields environmentally friendly technologies is on field among others such as education, arts and culture, economy, crafts.


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Source: Auroville Radio - November 2010



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