3H Summer School 2014

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The 3H Summer School program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in human unity & sustainable living as a platform for the learning and personal growth of students from around the world. The program is based on the 3H approach that nurtures hands (skills), head (competencies) and heart (inner capacities) of all participants. The 3H Summer School 2014 served as an experimental educational laboratory, connecting theory and application with core human values such as justice, compassion and dignity around the lead theme of regenerative design, closed loop systems and responsible consumption’.

Twenty-two students and young professionals participated in this three-week program held from 21st July to 10th August 2014 at Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu, India. Participants came from various Indian and foreign colleges and each one brought his or her specific strengths and skills into the workshop, contributing to a great and transformational learning experience, which we hope they will always carry in good memories with them.

For more info please see: Final Student Presentation, Video, Documentation.

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