Program for Responsible Energy Management (PREM)

Program for Responsible Energy Management (PREM) was initiated by the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration, Tamil Nadu. It aims at introducing a responsible demand and supply side management for all buildings and facilities (approximately 8,600 in number) under its administration. The demand side management addresses energy conservation and efficiency while the supply side management aims at installing grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems to maximize the availability of renewable energy.

Objectives of PREM
• To train 160 Municipal Energy Managers all over Tamil Nadu in the implementation of energy conservation and efficiency programs as well as Solar PV installations.
• To reduce energy consumption of Municipalities by thirty (30) per cent within two years.
• To install a max. capacity of grid-interactive solar photovoltaic systems in municipal buildings.

What are the objectives of this guideline document?
This publication is made for the Energy Managers under PREM and hopes to provide:
• A simple and practical introduction to the fields of energy conservation, energy efficiency and solar PV installations.
• A step by step manual to guide Energy Managers in their day to day work.
• A document that provides references for further readings.

Download the full document here

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